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"Awesomeness on a screen"


Our clients brief was to create a clean and functional website that offered impact and simplicity. Like many organisations, the large large majority of their users access the web 'on the move', so mobile-focused technology was crucial. In addition to a mobile-first approach, the site also needed to have the same appeal and ease of use for desktop users - a consistent, on-brand experience.

Here's what JM at JM&Co. Recruitment said about this project:

"During the consultation with Bloobo, we discussed simple layouts, possible colours, types of fonts, icons styles, flat design concepts and functionality. We knew what we wanted but it was in our mind's eye, it was a build from the ground up, quite contradictory in the device functionality, and very different from our previous website.

Bloobo completely got it, from the first mock-up, we could see that Bloobo were on our page! What has been built is remarkable and has exceeded the brief and certainly our mind's eye expectation.

We cannot recommend Bloobo more highly. They capture the dream. They offer both functional and creative suggestion, non technical terminology and total support from begining to end.

Thank you Bloobo!"


JM&Co. Recruitment
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